The TRS Guide to Twitter

(Published by on April 12, 2014) You may not use twitter or understand how it works. You’re not an early adopter, you’re a non-adopter….

Angry Fan Mail

Dear The Real Starky, I’m writing to tell you that you aren’t funny anymore, and it makes me sad because I used to love you…

Social Media Shenanigans

Image crafting in social media is commonplace and we’re all guilty of it to a certain degree.  Profile photos are carefully selected and bios publicize…

Unfollow Chocolate Milk

In what I thought was a cruel April fool’s joke, I was inundated with tweets regarding Craig Alexander’s deal to endorse Chocolate Milk. Given my…

TRS Makes His Podcast Debut

The Real Starky: Triathlon’s Parody Personality Makes His Podcast Debut, Gives Commentary on Ironman Melbourne, Crowie, Oceanside 70.3 Predictions and More BY TAWNEEPRAZAK ⋅ MARCH…

photo credit: snack time! via photopin (license)

eating cereal by stan empfield

ever since i was a high school runner and ran 4:19 for the imperial mile as a 16 year old, i’ve eaten cereal for breakfast….

The Unfollow Rules

How to get #unfollowed by @TheRealStarky: 1. Broadcast the details of your workout. This is almost always a veiled brag and it cannot be tolerated….