Best of the Week 4.14.14

Herbert gets some love from Wattie Ink for publishing my Twitter Guide and Top 10 list.  Click image below for full exchange.


The market reacts to my verbal smack down of Wattie Ink, harshly judging their number one sponsor.


Jersey Joe Maloy of the Triathlon Squad #RocksTheCock. So does his coach.



Drop-dead gorgeous professional triathlete Helle Frederiksen purchased a TRS shirt and then won Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3.  Coincidence??  Probably not.  As a prize, I will be shipping this sexy #CHAMPION a free hat.  You’re welcome.


Finally, the “Actual Starky” won his race and drank #WhiteMilk on the podium. If you don’t think this is funny anymore, I feel sorry for you. I’m sorry you don’t believe.  It will be a long, long summer for the haters.



If you’re #blessed and you know it #RockTheB.



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