Subtle Changes for TRS Radio in 2016

Since the beginning of our podcast, we’ve had an intoduction that is very free-flowing and at times random. It’s a few pre-determined bullet points and a conversation with a lot of improvisation.

Many of you like that format, however I cannot ignore the chorus of feedback that calls for a more structured approach. Hell, Jan Frodeno even weighed in on the issue this week.

The people have spoken. Therefore, we are going to tighten things up a bit from now on.

In this weeks episode, I cut out several bits from the intro, even though they were funny and interesting. 

  • Ben, Mark and KOAT discuss Aaron’s nude modeling for an art class in college
  • They play a new game where Canadian Aaron Webstey is forced without warning to call someone a c*nt 
  • Ben tells 3 minutes worth of ISIS jokes
  • Ben and Aaron discuss the inner workings of the TRS website business
  • We discuss an idea for a game show at Ironman Texas

These were funny and I know our hard-core fans would enjoy these segments, but in the end we have a shorter, more coherent and better produced intro that is almost exactly 30 minutes long.

Capping Interview Length

Historically, our interviews could run well over an hour, sometimes up to 90 minutes. From now on we are going to edit them down to just under an hour. This will make for a roughly 90 minute show every single week. 

Shifting Content to Patreon

For those  of you that are feeling the fear of missing out (FOMO), please don’t worry. All of the extra stuff will be available every single week for our patrons. Every week, I will be posting bonus intro segments that were cut for one reason or another in addition to the extra interview footage. 

For example, this week’s bonus show is almost 45 minutes and it includes a couple of extra minutes with Paulo Sousa, twenty minutes or so of bonus intro nonsense (discussed above) and almost 25 additional minutes of Andrew Starykowicz. 

You can become a patron and access bonus content every week. Content can be accessed via the Patreon mobile app that’s available now for iPhone and Android. 

Click here to learn more about becoming a TRS Radio patron.

Thank you!


About the Author

BH is Publisher of TRS Triathlon and host of TRS Radio.