Kona Roundup – It’s A Wrap

Photo courtesy of Emily Cocks

Once again, TRS Radio and trstriathlon.com took Kona by storm – and what a week we had.

TRS Radio

Ben and Mark with Gordon Ramsay Ben and Mark visited Gordon Ramsay and recorded a fantastic interview leading up to his day on the course at Kona. Watch for it here on TRS Triathlon in the days to come.


I'm on a boat!!!

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Fantasy Triathlon

If you’re a fan of the sport, you should check out http://fantasytriathlon.com. This week we had a very special game – for $50, 22 people played against Chrissie Wellington and helped support The War on ALS through the Blazeman Foundation! Chrissie will be donating any winnings to the foundation. Even if she doesn’t win, a portion of the proceeds from this game will be donated on her behalf. Check back at fantasytriathlon.com for updates on contest scoring. 

In other exciting fantasy news: Fantasy Triathlon has teamed up with Rudy Project to bring you yet another reason to play. Someone will win fantastic Rudy Project gear!

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