World Triathlon Series Fantasy League Starts Tomorrow

Hamburg, Germany- 2014 ITU Hamburg. (Photo by: Lagardere Unlimited/Hochzwei )

This weekend is the first race of the World Triathlon Series calendar year in Abu Dhabi leading up to the Grand Final in Cozumel, Mexico. is adding a season-long league to its lineup of FREE entertainment. The season long fantasy league will consist of the whole WTS calendar plus the Grand Final. Check out the WTS event schedule here.

Fantasy Triathlon asked its 2015 users what they want next and they wanted season long leagues, as made popular by the major fantasy sports in America. With that be said; what better way to bring the hottest and fastest racing in professional triathlon as the first season long fantasy league?

Just like any of the top ITU races, any professional triathlete can win 1 race any given weekend! But only a true champion can win the World Triathlon Series; as Javier Gomez has shown it takes more than just luck but skill and determination to come out on top!

Do you have what it takes to win the WTS Fantasy Triathlon League? Fantasy Triathlon The WTS Fantasy Triathlon League will use the results from each individual WTS race for the calculation of the Series Standings.

The basic rules are:

1. You must have at least 1 entry into any WTS Fantasy event to be include in the standings.

2. Your best 5 scores + the Grand Final will account for your total season score.

3. If you play more than 5 WTS Fantasy events, excluding the Grand Final, throughout the year, your 5 best scores will be used and the others will be dropped.

Check out the rules page for more information. Season standings will be kept by Fantasy Triathlon.  If you have any questions about the season long fantasy leagues, use the contact page on

It all boils down to the more you play the better shot you have at winning the prestigious 1st annual WTS Fantasy Triathlon League! 1st-3rd place in the final standings after the Grand Final will receive prizes!

Fantasy Triathlon is also looking to finalize the prize structure for the season winners, if you are interested in sponsoring the Season Long WTS League contact Zach Miller at or by visiting the contact page on

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