The Plant Power Way


This was a terrific opportunity for me personally. I got to talk with a man I’ve really admired for a while now. In many ways, I feel like Rich in the years before he made a powerful transformation in his life, shedding 50 lbs and embarking on a new adventure and a new career. This is the first time that I completely ignored my audience. I didn’t ask questions I thought listeners might care about. I asked my questions.

In this episode Rich Roll talks about his new cook book, the Plant Power Way. It’s not just a book for Vegans – it’s for everyone and anyone who wants to eat more fruits and vegetables. Ben tells Rich about his juice cleanse. Rich talked about the difficulty in leaving his law practice to pursue an alternative career. Ben and Rich talk about meditation, alcoholism, the distraction nature of social media. How did Rich ever get a book deal and how successful was Finding Ultra? Has he abandon triathlon? Will there be a competitive comeback?

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About the Author

BH is Publisher of TRS Triathlon and host of TRS Radio.