Race Previews: Ironman Chattanooga + Mallorca

IM Chattanooga

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Alyssa Godesky

Given your fitness before the IM double I bet you probably bounced back relatively quickly with lots of good food and sleep. What about mentally—were you recharged and ready to hit training again for Chattanooga?

At first I was a little tentative because it was hard to wrap my head around coming out of that effort unscathed. I kept telling people I would do Chattanooga “if I felt recovered”……I was waiting for the day when a workout would end in a massive pile of failure and tears. But, that never happened and when we started to add intensity in again, my body responded quite well. The realization that I came out of that project stronger is a huge confidence boost.

It’s a pretty good field as those not racing Kona are trying to get a head start on KPR points. Do you have any specific goals for the race or do you just want to execute a solid performance and see where you end up?

I’d really like to finish in the money. CDA gave me some confidence that I can come out of the swim in the mix, and after the double I think I have a renewed sense of being able to suffer on the run, so, I plan to go for it.

What do you have planned for the fall after this race?

Two events remain after Chattanooga! I’ll be racing in the TRS Beer Mile in Kona, and then I’ll be returning to Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 in October as well, to defend my win from last year. It also looks like a Rim2Rim2Rim Grand Canyon adventure is in the cards for me this fall, so that will be a fun end of season celebration!

IM Mallorca

emmakateEmma-Kate Lidbury

Are you a little more nervous for you first IM or less so since it’s a long day and you just have to focus a bit more on your own execution?

I’d say I’m a healthy mix of nervous, excited and terrified! It’s a voyage into the unknown, but I feel well prepared and am excited and intrigued to see what I have in the tank. Focusing on your own execution certainly seems paramount to me and that’s definitely where my attention will lie. I’m viewing it as a long training day – well, one that has a lot more crowd support at the end, anyway! I’ve raced the 70.3 here in Mallorca twice and love it here, so I’m excited to be racing here again. I love the island and riding here is always special.

How many lists have you made so you don’t forget something??? The transition set ups are a bit more involved than a 70.3!

Oh boy, I am a list writer extraordinaire. Even for 70.3 I have quite an impressive array of lists, so Ironman has taken me into list writing heaven. I currently have two or three lists on the go and we’re 48 hours out. I’m not sure how that fares in the Iron prep game, but I’m guessing that’s pretty good going 🙂

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