Race Previews: IM 70.3 Wiesbaden, Ecuador + 70.3 Worlds Teaser

The Triathlon Preview Show: Episode 2

IM 70.3 Wiesbaden, Ecuador, Gdynia Race Previews + Ironman 70.3 Worlds Teaser

Do not miss audio from Kevin Collington and quotes from Dede Griesbauer in Episode 2 of The Triathlon Preview Show.

IM 70.3 Wiesbaden European Championships

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Click on Photos for Athlete Twitter Links

Radka Vodickova

You have raced less this year due to a knee injury (and subsequent surgery) earlier in the year. Are you excited to be back at and getting to race more often again?

You’re right, I wasn’t racing first half of the season due to my knee surgery. It was really strange feeling not to race as I love racing. So I am very excited to be back, racing and training for full!

With 70.3 worlds being in Europe this year are you happy to spend the summer closer to home? You have spent a lot of time in Australia with your fiancé Brad the last year or so, are you enjoying showing him your home training grounds?

I am very happy to spend summer in Europe after many years. I always loved training in Spain, France, also Czech republic is nice place for training in summer. It is great to visit my old training places and show them to Brad. It brings back nice memories. But now, I am with Brad actually in Aix Les Bains in France, where I have never been before. This place is a long term base camp for Australian triathletes. I am very happy that we could join the group of Steve Moss here. Brad has been coming back to France to the same place 10 years during his successful ITU career. So he is actually showing me new places in Europe 🙂
Yes, I am happy that 70.3 worlds are this year in Europe and specially in Austria, beautiful place and just about 6hours drive from my home. So my mum can actually come and watch me race the biggest race of the year.

Wiesbaden has a very tough bike course. Have you seen it yet or ridden it in the past? What do you think it will take to be successful on race day—do you think people may burn their legs on the bike course, allowing you to run some time into them?

I have never been in Wiesbaden, I haven’t seen the course. I have just heard about the tough course. I usually prefer hilly bike course and cold weather 🙂 so I am very looking forward to this one!

Is this a final big effort before Worlds? One last hit out to see what is going well and what may need some more fine tuning leading into the race in Austria?

Yes, definitely! This will be like a testing event and also because I haven’t been racing much, so every race I do now, is a great training for me to get back in to proper racing!

Julia GJulia Gajer

You had a great performance at IM Frankfurt, really riding strong and backing it up with a good marathon in the heat. How did your recovery go?

The first two weeks after Frankfurt I was really done, probably more then normal because of the heat on raceday. But from there on training went better end better. I had a fanastic block of training in the last two weeks leading up to Wiesbaden

Will this be your last race before Kona?

No, I’ll also race 70.3 World Championships in Zell am See

With you improvement on the bike are you excited to hit this race course again and really see what you can do?

Of course, I’m really excited, Kona is my main goal in 2015. For me, I also had a good bike part there already last year, but really struggeled in the swim. I hope that I can also improve my swim this year (so far the results have been great) and then see if I can be in the mix.

IM 70.3 Ecuador

Lauren GLauren Goss

First, the venue looks amazing, crystal blue waters and a fast course made challenging by the heat. That said, how do you get there–is the travel long?

The travel to Manta is not too terrible. I am flying from Denver to Miami and then Miami to Quito (The capital of Ecuador) on Wednesday. The travel time is 9 hours so not too bad. I have to overnight in Quito at the airport hotel ($44, what a steal) and then the race booked a short flight from Quito to Manta on Thursday morning. So yes, it is more travel than your typical US race but I really am seeking inspiring venues this year so it will be worth it.

Is this your last tune up race before 70.3 worlds?

This is my last race before 70.3 Worlds.

After the NYC triathlon you mentioned on twitter making a few changes to your training. Do you mind elaborating—were you disappointed with parts of your race in NYC (or in other races beforehand)?

I am satisfied with my season so far. I have not had any breakthrough performances but I have been consistent and that is just as important. I actually made a coaching change and am now working with Simon Lessing and Darren DeReuck here in Boulder. Dave (Scott) really taught me a lot about myself, nutrition, strength and overall mentality you need to become your best but we both decided it was time more when I am with other athletes who are not professionals.

Your swim has been really strong this year, coming out just behind Brandon and McLarty at a couple races. Have you changed anything training wise or is it just the years of work building on themselves?

I have really worked on my threshold pace in the pool and holding it for long periods of time…so like 20×100 holding my threshold pace with 5 seconds rest between each. I have worked a lot in the gym on my core, lats, back, arms etc. Also, I have worked on my technique and not being so sloppy in the pool. Triathletes tend to want to get in and get out as quickly as possible to get to the next workout. We often neglect technique work and this is where I found the gains are made.

What is happening after August race wise? Are you heading out to Kona to spectate with everyone else in the triathlon world?

No, Kona is way too expensive to get to! I will continue racing through November. I tend to have a stronger back half of the season so I will focus on a few 70.3s. I really want to get into the Beijing Tri but I am first alternate..so waiting for a slot to open up.

IM 70.3 Gdynia

Nils FNils Frommhold

My weekend race at the 70.3 Poland is just a build up race for my next highlights the 70.3 worlds and off course Kona. After my win in Roth (four weeks ago) I needed some rest and did a 10 day off period to start my Kona prep with full engine. Now I have two more months to get in best shape for Kona. So the 70.3 Poland is in the middle of my first training block for Kona and I will train till thursday 100%. Then I have two days for recovery and hopefully it´s enough for raceday. But it´s not more then a training race and maybe I can test something inside the race for the 70.3 worlds. Like short hard efforts I probably need in Zell am See. Because of the hilly course and the strong contenders. That´s the plan!

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