PTU Announces Price Decrease

Following in-depth discussions over the past few months with professional triathletes around the world, the PTU Board of Directors have voted to reduce the 2016 Pro membership fee from $600 down to a flat low rate of $149. The new fee of $149 was decided upon to make it affordable for all Pros to join the PTU.

If the PTU is going to be a catalyst for significant change then they must represent the majority of pro triathletes, and lowering the membership fee is the best way to enable everyone to get involved. The fee is now a token gesture buy in that will help with some of the operating costs, but certainly not all of them.

If Pros feel that they would like to contribute more then this would be much appreciated. In addition to the fee reduction, access to the members’ area is free until January 1st 2016 to enable Pros to begin discussions in the forum and vote on the first projects that the PTU will take on.

The core of what the PTU is set to achieve as quickly as possible is: For all pros to discuss changes, vote on changes and then the PTU work towards making these changes backed by a business plan and majority representation.

“I believe the Board’s decision is extremely positive and should enable us to get the numbers required to have a positive impact on our sport. However, we are now relying on donations and sponsorship in order to survive and I hope that the triathlon community will support us”, said Executive Director Rich Allen.

Pros are encouraged to join now at They should go to the members’ area and sign up with an email and password.

photo credit: 149 via photopin (license)

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