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The quality and integrity of Dimond Bikes has recently been brought into question by a former ambassador facing a lawsuit for breaching a promise in his contract.

I would like everyone to know that Dimond Bikes are safe, have been safe, and continue to be safe. No customer who has purchased a production bicycle has advised Dimond of any failure in a bicycle that has resulted in any safety incident. Each Dimond Bike has a 6 year warranty and continues to have a 6 year warranty.

Dimond Bikes have always been safe for triathlon racing. The current bikes, after 3 years of production, are the best and safest bikes yet and the result of thousands of hours of work to constantly improve the bikes.

Jordan Rapp has now made first-time-ever claims about the safety of the Dimond Bike as a reason why he asked to be released from his contract. I am just now learning of these claims. I had multiple conversations with Jordan through phone and email regarding his desire to be released from his contractual obligations, but never during these conversations did he express any dissatisfaction with the product. Only after facing legal ramifications from a lawsuit claiming Jordan breached his promise did Jordan make these belated claims about safety. He admits that he never mentioned safety problems with the frames to Dimond.

If, before being sued for breach of promise, Jordan had in fact truly believed one of his Dimond bikes was unsafe, but failed to alert the manufacturer of that belief, he would prevent the manufacturer from taking steps to ensure the safety of all other purchasers of Dimond Bikes. I do not believe Jordan would show such disregard for his fellow triathletes. I believe the fact is, he did not alert the manufacturer of any safety problem because there never was such a problem.

The Dimond is a safe triathlon racing bicycle. There are other important facts underlying Jordan’s conduct, but I do not wish to engage in “trial by public forum”. This is a breach of promise dispute I wish to settle privately, or fairly through the court system.


TJ Tollakson, CEO Ruster Sports, LLC

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Sources close to TRS have speculated that Herbert Krabel is being considered for Editor in Chief of TRS Triathlon. Photographers took this photo after Messers Krabel and Hobbs apparently met for an upscale dinner near Ben’s trailer park in Arlington, Texas. has been in turmoil as of late. Months ago, Aaron Webstey was fired for personal and professional incompetence. Part of his severance punishment was taking ownership of the former TRS forum, now known as Tri Roost.

The new direction for the TRS website without a forum has been unclear, however, our reporting has found that future plans may include bringing Krabel in to right the ship. 

Ben Hobbs would not comment however, Krabel did release the following statement after his dinner in Arlington, Texas:

“I had a wonderful evening with Ben Hobbs. We had another discussion about affairs throughout triathlon, and these discussions I’ve had with him have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. I’ve enjoyed them very, very much.

I was also very impressed by the remarks he made on his podcast. By the way, it’s not easy doing a podcast. I know that myself. He did something I tried to do with Jordan Rapp and was unsuccessful in. He won twitter and podcasting and he continues with a message of inclusion and bringing people together and his vision is something which obviously connected with triathletes in a very powerful way.”

Krabel and Hobbs have a history of feuding while Krabel was Editor in Chief for the failing However, this relationship may have been repaired now that Hobbs has begun shaving his head bald and wearing the same glasses as Krabel. 


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2016 Challenge Penticton hosts the 34th year of long distance triathlon

Penticton, B.C., August 28, 2016 – Penticton, B.C. (Canada) Two Penticton-based athletes today won the 2016 Challenge Penticton title. Jeff Symonds won the men’s race in 5:32:39 with a day-best run split of 1:45. Jen Annett won the women’s race in 6:13:49.
“That was unbelievable,” said Jeff. “The guys were crushing it in the swim and bike, but I stuck to my guns and waited for the run – that’s my bread and butter. I had so much support out there cheering me on which helped out a lot. World championships are here next year and I’m coming for that title.”

Top Three Men:

Jeff Symonds (Penticton, B.C.) 5:32:39
Drew Scott (Boulder, CO) 5:37:26
Jordan Bryden (Calgary, AB) 5:40:46

Jen captured the title after an epic run battle that saw her shoulder to shoulder with Liz Lyles of Reno, Nevada toward the end of the 30-km run. Annett pulled away in the closing stages and finished 32 seconds ahead of Lyles.
“This feels absolutely amazing! I had no idea I had that in me,” said Jen. “There were so many world-class athletes here, and they pushed me harder than I’ve ever gone before. I had to dig so deep inside and the result feels great. I’m thrilled for this payoff after the past year of hard work.”

Top Three Women:

Jen Annett (Penticton, B.C.) 6:13:39
Liz Lyles (Reno, NV) 6:14:19
Karen Thibodeau (Victoria, B.C.) 6:22:53

In addition to the excellent times posted by the top three athletes, it is predicted that almost 500 athletes qualified for ITU Multisport World Championships Festival in Penticton next August.
“Congratulations to Jeff and Jen for the big win, and to everyone who toed the line today,” said Michael Brown, Executive Director of Penticton 2017. “We are ecstatic about the test events this week, it has provided us with opportunity to see the strengths of the races and where we need to improve. We’re grateful to Penticton for the support around the event and we’re extremely excited for next year.”

Holly Bird | Principal
c: 403.383.8789
t: @HollyHiggs

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Santa Monica, CA. – Aug 25th, 2016 – The top female triathlete in the world has a secret. Despite having the most dominant season in International Triathlon Union (ITU) history in 2015, winning every event she entered, Gwen Jorgensen knew there was something she longed to improve. With the most important season of her life ahead, she spent a week working undercover with a team of top cyclists and sports scientists to tackle one of her biggest self-perceived weakness – bike handling and technical skill going fast downhill. In her own words, “I had a hard time coping with high speeds and technical descents on the bike.” So with everything on the line, it was time to tackle these fears head on. 


When Jorgensen was recruited to try triathlon in 2010, she was confident in her swimming and running from her previous collegiate and high school sport experience. Biking on the other hand, was a completely new endeavor. While she managed to gain quite a bit of skill in her limited number of years in the sport, she still felt held back not only by technique, but also her lifelong fear of going fast. Even in a car, she doesn’t enjoy going over 30 mph. Knowing that both perfecting the technical skill and conquering the mental hurdle would be key to success in 2016, she enlisted a group of experts with the help of Red Bull High Performance to design a camp that would bring her to the next level.

During a crisp December week in the hills around southern California, Jorgensen and the team focused on the key areas identified to improve: Bike handling, cornering, speed, and the psychological fears of going fast. Led by a team including Tour de France yellow jersey holder Dave Zabriskie, professional cyclist Tim Johnson and sports scientist Dean Golich, Gwen spent three days improving her descents taking hill after hill.


Gwen went from 0 to 60 – or perhaps, likely 80mph. Immediately Jorgensen was forced to face her fears by descending steep canyons on the back of famed Supermoto athlete Eric Bostrom’s 1000CC motorcycle. Gripping tightly and letting out more than a few audible screams, Jorgensen was taught to scan the road and how to observe but not focus on objects while speedily turning corners. By the afternoon, Jorgensen was on her bike descending the same hills with a pack of riders, slowly gaining confidence and learning how to change perceptions of distractions to merely variables

The design to push the limits of comfort zone and go faster than she ever expected had the desired effect – suddenly descending on her bike did not seem so dauntingly fast. In the late afternoons she also worked on basic bike skills, building her confidence, although her coaches felt she was already way ahead of where she thought she was. Maintaining self-confidence is as key to success as the physical drills.



By the end of the camp, with steadily improved times, road position and confidence, cyclist Tim Johnson commented that Gwen became “a changed, better rider.” The improvement to Jorgensen in her regular training sessions was immediately apparent. Upon arriving to her pre-season training destination of Wollongong, Australia, she improved a descent on a training hill by over 4 minutes from previous years. She also applied the camp learnings in unexpected ways, translating the lesson of mentally reframing obstacles in the road to simply a “variable” into her swim and run training. Said Jorgensen, “a huge breakthrough for me happened at the camp with one word: variable. I was taught to view everything on the road as a variable (example: blind corners, debris in the road, oncoming traffic, etc.) I repeated this word in my head over and over in training to build confidence to help push my limits.”

Jorgensen was also presented with a VR device programmed with the course she felt was most challenging in her future so she could practice visualization on a whole new level – instead of closing her eyes to picture the turns and hills, she could see them in 360 degrees as if she was really there. 

The confidence she built helped push her through the season, where she finally accomplished her dream of becoming the best in the world.  Many wonder what it takes to be at your absolute peak – and for Gwen Jorgensen, it was recognizing that being the best in the world in 2015 was not good enough. The feeling of being better than your best? Simply golden. 

Photo credit: Garth Milan/Red Bull Content Pool

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The Revolution3 Triathlon Series hits stop two on the 2016 tour! This time, the men were in the spotlight and were battling for their share of the $15,000 prize purse. This year, things would change and the Pros would be racing the Olympic course in Middlebury, Ct, and the first time in Quassy history that the prize money was available at the Olympic distance.

Men’s Race

The morning started off with a bit of a curve ball for the triathletes. Due to very thick fog over Lake Quassapaug, the race was delayed by 30 minutes, allowing those nerves to really set in! At the gun, the top swimmers wasted no time and pulled right to the front. Coming out the other end, Italian Davide Giardini (ITL) led the group in a time of 18:35, followed closely by John Rasmussen (CA) in 18:47. Cam Dye (USA) rounded out the top 3 with a time of 19:11. With a stellar transition of only 31 seconds, Cam left T1 with a 4 second lead and never looked back.

Rev3 Quassy 2016 Pro Men's Start


By mile five of the bike, Dye had increased his lead by a solid 30 seconds and was looking like he was out for an easy Sunday ride. Rodolphe Von Berg (USA) jumped into the game and was riding with Giardini with Rasmussen and Jackson Landry (CA) now only 1:15 down. At the bike finish, Dye seemed to be on auto-pilot and had increased his lead to 2:10 to now second place biker, Laundry. Dye’s 1:00:29 bike split would turn out to be the fastest of the day.

Cam Dye on his bike

Cam Dye [Rev3]

The race wasn’t over just yet and super runner, Laundry, was putting up a fight. Over the next 6 miles, he would slowly eat away at Dye’s lead. His tempo up the killer hills of Middlebury was something to watch! Von Berg wasn’t done just yet and turned on the after burners in an attempt to make up any ground possible.

In the end, the day would belong to Dye, who finished the race with a 1:22 second margin on Laundry and a total time of 1:56:14. The hard charging Laundry would finish in 2nd place with a time of 1:57:36. 3rd place would go to Von Berg, who would also post the days fastest run split in a time of 34:21, which on the Quassy course is an incredible feat!

Rudy von Berg

Rudy von Berg [Rev3]

“Anytime you get a win, it’s a good day! Quassy is a race I’ve always wanted to do, so I’m excited to finally get here. It’s a good fair course and keeps the drafting to a minimum! It’s every man for himself out there!” Cameron Dye – Mens 1st place finisher

Top 8 Finishers

1st Cameron Dye (USA) – 1:56:14

2nd Jackson Laundry (CA)- 1:57:36

3rd Rodolphe Von Berg (USA) – 1:58:38

4th John Rasmussen (CA)- 1:59:42

5th Davide Giardini (ITL)- 2:02:02

6th Alex Libin (USA)- 2:02:43

7th Dan Feeney (USA) – 2:03:20

8th Lucas Pozzetta (USA) – 2:05:41

Cam Dye

Nice headband! [Rev3]

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Australia’s Ellie Salthouse claimed the victory at Rev3 Knoxville Sunday morning.

The Revolution3 Triathlon series is Back in Blue and officially kicked off the 2016 season in Knoxville, TN under beautiful skies and a pleasant 72 degrees. The weather conditions were welcomed by the athletes as the forecast earlier in the week seemed to point to a cold and wet race day. The Professional field was composed of only women at this race and all vied for a $5,000 US dollar prize purse paying 4 deep. The feisty Ellie Salthouse, took control of the race at mile 3 of the bike and never looked back.

Women’s Race

It was no surprise to see NCAA All American Swimmer Julie Stupp (USA) lead the ladies out of the water in a blazing fast time of 18:13, followed shortly after by Salthouse in 18:50. Jenny Leiser (USA) and Valerie Barthelemy (BEL) were hot on their heels coming out of the TN River side by side in a time of 19:03 and 19:04. By mile 3 of the winding bike course, Salthouse had made up the 43 second deficit and passed Stupp in convincing style.

By mile 16 of the rolling countryside bike, Salthouse had taken control of the race and increased her lead to over two minutes on the small pack that was forming behind her. The movers of the morning were Robin Pomeroy (USA) and Kristen Marchant (CAN), who posted some smoking fast bike splits and moved up to second and third place. At this point, Stupp was in fourth, followed by Leiser who was another one minute back from the group. The bike came to a close for Salthouse with a convincing lead of over two minutes.

Salthouse wasn’t going to leave anything on the course as she came storming out of T2 and onto the run. “”My strategy was to go hard from the start and see what I had in my legs after the bike.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done an Olympic distance, so I was excited to see that I had it today.” Said Salthouse. Following her onto the run was Merchant and Pomeroy who left T2 together about two minutes down on the lead runner, Salthouse. Fourth place was Cleaver who was six minutes off the lead.

Salthouse held true to her plan and left the field behind her. She looked even faster as she passed the hot corner and headed back into World’s Fair Park. She finished the day in first place with a filed best run of 37:01 and had built her lead to almost six minutes ahead of Pomeroy.  “I went into the run wanting the fastest split on the day, so I was keen to see that result!” Said Salthouse. Pomeroy finished the day in second place, posting a second best run split of 38:24. Energized by the fantastic weather, Marchant dug deep and held onto third place finishing less than two minutes behind Marchant. A big mover of the day was Chattanooga, TN resident Anna Cleaver who moved into the money with a fourth place finish.

Rev3 Knoxville
Knoxville, Tenn. – May 22, 2016
0.9-mile swim, 25 mile bike, 13.1-mile run


Place Name Country Time
1. Ellie Salthouse AUS 2:02:49
2. Robin Pomeroy USA 2:06:45
3. Kristen Marchant CAN 2:08:41
4. Anna Cleaver NZ 2:18:49
5. Valerie Barthelemy USA 2:20:03 

All images ©Rev3 Triathlon.

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Nassau, Bahamas

The second annual Island House Invitational Triathlon, will feature a unique three-day race format, 40 of the world’s best professional triathletes and the second-largest prize purse in the world behind the Ironman World Championships. The race will be held in the Bahamas on October 28th through 30th, 2016 at The Island House, Nassau and on the private island of Highbourne Cay, Exuma. World-class athletes from both short and long course backgrounds will go head-to-head in what is becoming known as the most exciting race in the world. The innovative race structure will include individual time trials and races that mix up the traditional triathlon order and distances of swim-bike-run.

This year’s race format and field have been expanded to make the event more exciting than ever. Competitors will compete over three days in various non-drafting events, a departure from last year’s draft-legal racing. This should make for a more exciting match-up and level the playing field between short and long-course competitors. In 2016, the Island House Triathlons feature an elimination format. Forty athletes will compete over the first two days of the event, but only 10 men and 10 women will remain for the final day of racing when the champions will be decided. The 20 finalists will be whisked from Nassau to the private island of Highbourne Cay in a race that literally rewards survival of the “fittest”.

Highbourne Cay

The races will be fast and furious including an Enduro swim/run/bike/swim/run on Day 2. This will be a bonus for the short-course specialists who transition with ease. However, long-course athletes will benefit from the non-drafting three-day endurance format and this year will be armed with their time-trial bike weapons. With these exciting changes, it is impossible to predict who will prevail.

Invitees for this year’s race will include 2016 Olympians and long-course triathlon champions from all parts of the world. Women’s returning champion, Gwen Jorgensen (USA), is confirmed to defend her title at the Island House Invitational following the Rio Olympics. Additional invitations to the top athletes across distances will be made in the coming months with the full roster to be confirmed by October.

Gwen Jorgensen running

It is exciting to see this race develop in its second year and continue to make an impact on professional triathlon. Financier of The Island House and longtime endurance sports supporter,  Mark Holowesko says, “I was really happy with the enthusiasm and outcomes surrounding our 2015 race and I’m looking forward to seeing an even better version in 2016.”

Female 2015 Island House Invitational Champion, Gwen Jorgensen says, “The Island House Triathlon was my favorite event last year. After a full season of ITU Olympic Distance racing, I’m looking forward to experiencing this unique event in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Race partners and  sponsors will be announced in the coming months. This year, the race has partnered with More Than Sport, a non-profit organization driven by athletes, to help make an impact in local Bahamian communities.

A one-hour national TV broadcast  will showcase the athletes, the lead-up to the race, the competitors, and the race itself making this a premier event to showcase athletes, sponsors, and the beautiful Bahamas.

To learn more about the race, visit:


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Okanagan city cements its reputation as a premier multisport destination.

Penticton, B.C., March 21, 2016 – Penticton, B.C. (Canada) has won a bid to host the first ever ITU Multisport World Championships Festival. The 10-day event, to be held in August 2017, will see 5,000 athletes compete in four separate World Championships: duathlon, aquathlon, cross triathlon and the coveted global title for long-distance triathlon.

“There is no better place than Penticton for a multisport championship on this scale,” said Michael Brown, Executive Director, Penticton 2017. “The Okanagan has been hosting world-class triathlons for more than 30 years, and this event will cement the region’s reputation as a premier global destination for training and racing.”

In Penticton we pride ourselves with not only stunning vistas of lakes, mountains, and vineyards throughout a legendary race course; but a very friendly supportive community and volunteer army of thousands,” said Andrew Jakubeit, Penticton Mayor. “Hosting the Canadian national championships this year and 2017 World Multi sport championships will bring economic activity to our community, which is a big part of our sports tourism strategy and a chance to showcase our region as a premier destination to invest, relax, train and play.”

The international significance of Penticton 2017 means the region will welcome up to 5,000 athletes, thousands of spectators, media and members of the global triathlon family. The economic benefit to the region is expected to be in the millions. Brown’s team is working on a list of events that the community can participate in, and hopes to enlist the famous Penticton Volunteer Army to assist with the event (s).

“Penticton is special because of the long history of triathlon with the community. The people and the tradition of volunteerism in and support of sport,” says Les Pereira, President of Triathlon Canada. “We are very proud to be the first country to host this event. The sport of triathlon has its roots deeply entrenched in North America and much of it’s soul is in Canada.”

The four world championship races were previously hosted in separate cities on different dates; however, the International Triathlon Union – the sport’s governing body – has brought all disciplines into a single venue to create a more exciting event.

Michael Brown also owns and organizes the Challenge Penticton triathlon each year. This means the local organizing team is familiar with the area, can leverage existing relationships and partnerships, and can use this year’s Challenge Penticton as a test event for the 2017 festival.

For more information about Penticton 2017 World Multisport Championships Festival, head to

About Penticton 2017 ITU World Multisport Championships Festival

Penticton 2017 looks to building on the region’s rich history of long-distance triathlon. The 10-day event will see 4,000 athletes from across the globe compete in four niche multisport events; long-distance Triathlon, Cross Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon. In addition to thousands of the world’s best triathletes, the event will also attract thousands of spectators, national officials, triathlon media and members of the global triathlon family. The city of Penticton will enjoy an economic boost as athletes visit the region to train in the weeks and months leading up to the race. Penticton 2017 is owned and organized by Michael Brown and is organized by the Challenge Penticton team, an event known for providing superior athlete experiences and memorable events.

About the International Triathlon Union

The International Triathlon Union is the world governing body for the Olympic sport of Triathlon and all related Multisport disciplines including Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon and Winter Triathlon. ITU was founded in 1989 at the first ITU Congress in Avignon, France. ITU is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland and also has offices in Vancouver, Canada and Madrid, Spain. It now has more than 160 affiliated National Federations on five continents and is the youngest International Federation in the Olympic Games. Triathlon was awarded Olympic Games status in 1994 and made its Olympic debut in Sydney 2000. Triathlon is also featured in the Asian Games, Pan American Games and Commonwealth Games. Paratriathlon was accepted into the Paralympic Games in 2010 and will make its Paralympic debut in Rio 2016. ITU is proudly committed to supporting the development of the sport worldwide through strong relationships with continental and national federations, working with its partners to offer a balanced sport development programme from grassroots to a high-performance level. For more information, visit:

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February 22, 2016 – Ogden, Utah, USA – ENVE is pleased to announce that ENVE is joining the Amer Sports family. Amer Sports is a sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands including Salomon, Wilson, Atomic, Arc’teryx, Mavic, Suunto and Precor. The company’s innovative and technically advanced sports equipment, footwear and apparel improve performance and increase the enjoyment of sports and outdoor activities.

“After owning the business for over ten years and growing the company to the strong brand that exists today, the ENVE owners felt that Amer Sports would be good stewards of the brand and a great home for our employees,” stated ENVE CEO, Sarah Lehman.

ENVE will remain in Ogden and continue with their plans to move into a new operations and manufacturing facility this fall. ENVE’s Senior Management Team, including CEO Sarah Lehman, will remain at ENVE. ENVE will complement the Mavic brand and enable ENVE to grow internationally, as part of the Amer Cycling portfolio.


About ENVE

Located in Ogden, Utah, ENVE Composites is a manufacturer of handmade carbon fiber bicycle rims and components. Partnering with the prominent frame builders of our time and the world’s best athletes, ENVE combines the best composite technologies with real world athlete feedback to provide our customers with the ultimate in performance, durability, and quality. ENVE designs and manufactures 100% of their rims in their Ogden, Utah, USA facility.

For further details, contact:

Jake Pantone –
ENVE Composites, LLC
690 W. 1100 S., Suite 4B
Ogden, UT 84404 USA

photo credit: Enve 4.5 SES rims with White Industry T11 Hubs via photopin (license)

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Escape from Angola is a long course triathlon consisting of a 1-mile swim, 44 mile bike, and a 10 mile run hosted at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. The event will take place on March 20th, 2016. Click here to sign up.

In 2014, a friend of FRESHJUNKIE Racing, a Louisiana-based endurance sports company, and the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola suggested that the grounds of Angola would make for a great triathlon course since it has its own lake, is surrounded by some scenic, quiet roads perfect for biking and has a nice paved road that meanders throughout the 18,000 acres of property, making it ideal for a run.

Angola hosts numerous other events on the property each year, most famously its prison rodeo each fall which draws a crowd of thousands every weekend in October. After several logistic meetings and facility tours, Escape from Angola was born.

FRESHJUNKIE wanted to offer a non-traditional course length that spoke to the intensity of this historic prison while presenting a unique challenge to the athletes.

EF Angola swim

The swim is a single loop, 1 mile course in Lake Killarney, an oxbow lake formed from the waters of the Mississippi on the grounds at Angola. This swim venue is very serene, surrounded by beautiful cypress trees, and has ample viewing area for spectators.

EF Angola Bike

The bike course takes you off the prison grounds through the main gate and into the Tunica Hills of West Feliciana Parish. This 44-mile course is comprised of constant rolling hills with over 2300 ft. of elevation gain. Majestic oak trees shade the majority of the course with views of the beautiful Louisiana countryside.

EF Angola Run

The flat and fast 10-mile run course takes the athletes out to the top of the Mississippi River Levee, which will allow you an overview of the dramatic 18,000 acre facility and culminates in the Angola Rodeo Arena.

Finisher Medals will be a replica key to the prison and the overall male and female winners will receive retired keys from the prison.

The race also has an overnight package for those wanting to sleep on site. The overnight guests will sleep in a former cell blocks unit that, until 2006, was death row. This building is being renovated to house the new Angola Museum and is regularly used to house church groups and prison ministries who stay overnight for their service to the inmates. Part of the money from this overnight packages goes to the prison’s museum fund that will depict the history of the museum.

EF Angola Epic

FRESHJUNKIE is a brand committed to healthy living. They are a brand of dreamers and doers, of believers, achievers and go-getters; FRESHJUNKIE is more than a company name, it’s their motto. They offer a variety of services in the race directing and training arena. They provide comprehensive race directing; which, includes branding, marketing, race planning, race ops, etc. and often join forces with other race teams to contribute to part of the race day operations. They also offer athlete training for endurance racers of all skill level and they typically host impressive post-race celebrations.

Sign up for Escape From Angola here.