Long Course Fantasy Scores Explained, Part 1

To play fantasy triathlon all you need is an account on trstriathlon.com.   To win fantasy triathlon you need to score more points than everybody else.

You need to select which athletes you think will score the most points combined—NOT which athlete will cross the line first. Athletes score points based on their performance during the event.

Overall finishing times are heavily weighted especially with bonus opportunities, but there are many other factors to think about.  There is only one negative point category, DNF/DQ.  With no salary cap all you need to do is pick the best team you can based on the above scoring.

Your team will consist of 5 male and 5 female athletes, except in the “Podium Pick” contest where you pick 3 males and 3 females.  The system will add up all the points your athletes scored and given you a team total.  The higher your total the better chance you have at winning.

Scoring Category Points
Overall- 1st 20
Overall- 2nd 16
Overall- 3rd 12
Overall- 4th 8
Overall- 5th 4
Swim- 1st 5
Swim- 2nd 3
Swim- 3rd 1
T1- 1st 3
T2- 2nd 2
T2- 3rd 1
Bike- 1st 5
Bike- 2nd 3
Bike- 3rd 1
T2- 1st 3
T2- 2nd 2
T2-3rd 1
Run- 1st 5
Run- 2nd 3
Run- 3rd 1
Under 8 Hour IM- Men 10
Under 9 Hour IM- Female 10
Under 3:45 70.3- Men 10
Under 4:15 70.3- Female 10

Strategies vary from person to person, but an easy way is to pick is to select the top 5 athletes of each gender that you think will cross the finish line.  This strategy will most likely get you to the top 10, but may not win it for you.  For example, an athlete that is a great swimmer, (2nd – 3 points), has a fast first transition (1st- 3 points), and posts a good bike a top split (3rd- 1 point), has another fast T2 (2nd- 2 points), but then has to walk to finish the race will earn you 9 points and better then 4th Overall points.

You are now ready to play fantasy triathlon, there are contest available each weekend ranging from FREE to $100+.  Stay tuned for Part 2 in the coming weeks, this will focus more on strategy.

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photo credit: PAF_FINAL_CHAMPIONS0109 via photopin (license)

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