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Fantasy Triathlon's Fans CelebrateCelebrations are breaking out in the streets as Fantasy Triathlon kicks it up a notch

With the professional triathlon season kicking into high gear now, with both long course triathlon and the World Triathlon Series holding races this weekend, will be offering fantasy contests for all the major professional triathlon races!

Photo Credit: Emily Cocks

Photo Credit: Emily Cocks

This weekend is the first race of the Ironman Regional Championships in South Africa leading up to the World Championship in Kona. is adding its 2nd season-long league to its lineup of FREE entertainment. The season long fantasy league will consist of the Ironman Regional Championships plus the World Championship.


Check out the IM Regional Championship event schedule here. Fantasy Triathlon asked its 2015 users what they want next and they wanted season long leagues, as made popular by the major fantasy sports in America. With that be said; what better way to bring the hottest and fastest racing in professional triathlon as the first season long fantasy league?

The 2nd race of the WTS circuit is upon us which means you have a chance of moving up in the WTS Fantasy League Standings! Over 60 players entered the first WTS contest, join now if you missed the first race. Below are the top 5 Fantasy Triathlon players and their scores:

Place Username Score
1 campbelladamr 168
2 nwick 138
3 Cervelo13 137
4 robert-rj-rankin 135
4 M Ware 135

All standings are located on  To play WTS Gold Coast Fantasy Triathlon head over and get your picks in now!

Check out the rules page for more information. Season standings will be kept by Fantasy Triathlon. If you have any questions about the season long fantasy leagues, use the contact page on  It all boils down to the more you play the better shot you have at winning either the Ironman Championship Fantasy League or the WTS Fantasy League! 1st-3rd place in the final standings after the Grand Final or Kona will receive prizes!

Photo Credit: Zach Miller

Photo Credit: Zach Miller

This weekend we also have 2 exciting Ironman 70.3 races(70.3 Texas and 70.3 Palmas) and will be offering fantasy contests for both of those.  IM 70.3 Texas has a long start list and should be a very competitive race making for an exciting fantasy contest.

Also down in Palmas, Brazil we have another 70.3 regional championship which always brings a stacked field at the top end.  Join this fantasy contest and pick your top choices wisely as there is several big names to choose from. would like to congratulate last weeks winner GHood who took home the win in the Ironman 70.3 California Contest, beating the closest competitor by 28 points!

Catlyynx and nickfragnito finished off the podium. You can find the complete results here.

Nickfrag reports in with a little strategy and trash talk:

I’m not going to say it was a great field and that I’m happy with a podium. 2nd place means I failed and need to work harder. I play to win. I’ll be back next week. Thank you TheRealStarky for being a pioneer and a visionary. You inspire us all. Without you, my loss wouldn’t have been possible.

I’ve raced against a few of the girls who were ultimately on the podium. However, is it still considered insider information if as far as racing goes on still a podium outsider?

Fantasy Triathlon is also looking to finalize the prize structure for the season winners, if you are interested in sponsoring the Season Long WTS League contact Zach Miller at or by visiting the contact page on

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