TRS Racing

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TRS racing is an international age group triathlon team, and we’re trying to become the best damn team community in the sport. There is no room for elitism in our ranks, and we claim members at all levels: from beginner to Kona qualifier.

Since our establishment in late 2014, we have sought to change the status quo of triathlon and prove that there is more to this sport than finishing times. Put simply, we like to have a lot of fun. Most of all, we don’t follow the cookie cutter methods of other triathlon teams. 

Team Management


Zach Boring is Team Director for TRS Racing. Zach is no slouch on the race course, and has been a stalwart member of TRS Racing’s management from its inception in 2014. With the work ethic of a Texan, and the personality of an engineer, Zach will lead TRS Racing as we strive to #maketriathlongreatagain.

CNMVUTvUsAA5a4DThe title of West Coast Captain belongs to Eric Swanson (a.k.a. Preach). This father of two is the sole moral compass of TRS Triathlon. He is an unimpressive age group triathlete on an expensive bike who just happens to be a great father, okay husband and not too hard to listen to on a Sunday morning.

1v4YmG9MSean Murnane returns as the East Coast Captain for TRS Racing. This young gun is a chef, hockey player, and a total disaster with the ladies. If he isn’t out training, which he likely isn’t, he can be found at the nearest aid station manning the keg and yelling encouraging obscenities at the athletes as they race.

Team Updates

2016 TRS Racing Application

You’re here for a reason. You’re a fan of TRS Radio, know someone on the team, missed out last year, or just stumbled here like…