Ironman Lake Placid: Fundraiser for 7th

On behalf of Dark Mark and Pay10Deep, I’d like to thank you for your overwhelming support of ourIronman Lake Placid Prize Purse fundraiser. For months, they have pushed me to embrace this fundraising stunt and I was hesitant. They were right, and I’m glad I got on board.

We are shocked and pleasantly surprised that in less than 24 hours we have already raised enough money to pay the 7th place finishers MORE than Ironman will pay the 6th place finisher. Without you, these pros would make nothing and take a big loss after travel and expenses. If you have not yet donated, please consider giving. As the payout for 7th increases, eyeballs will be drawn to the absurdity and hopefully we can shame Andrew Messick and Ironman into sharing a little bit more of their millions in annual profits with our very best athletes.

No one forces men and women to become professional triathletes. Free market forces have dictated these current race economics. Andrew Messick pays what he must. He pays what he can get away with, which is almost nothing. However, public shaming is a powerful market force. If this publicity stunt is embarrassing to the brand (it should be), they might decide that increasing prize purses is better than being known as a bunch of greedy assholes. Nobody likes to buy from greedy assholes or get tattoos of greedy assholes on their calf or wear a greedy asshole’s tee shirt.

Keep the donations pouring in. If we have a shitload of money left over, we will put it to a vote as to how we use it. Our mission is to shame WTC until they make a significant change.

Click here to donate and view our fundraising progress. 

Click here to view the horrible debate on Slowtwitch. 

About the Author

BH is Publisher of TRS Triathlon and host of TRS Radio.