House of Cards Cycling Workout

With half of the nation blanketed in feet of snow and coping with sub-zero temperatures, the trainer has become many triathletes’ worst enemy and unfortunate fitness saver. Despite this testy relationship, I have found a way to salvage my training and numbing mind: House of Cards. More specifically, a House of Cards drinking-game-turned-turbo-session. With the third season on its way Feb. 27, there is no better time to Netflix-binge, via bicycle of course.

Introducing the House of Cards binge-watching drinking game turned cycling workout. Patent pending.

(Warning: there may be subtle spoilers.)

This workout may only be completed while binge-watching House of Cards. Preferably for at least 2 hours. Follow these rules:

  • 5 minutes big gear, low cadence – every time Frank uses the rowing machine or Clare goes for a run
  • 30 seconds sprint – every time Frank raps his knuckles
  • 2 minutes out of seat, big gear – every time Frank talks to the camera AND every time Stamper saves the day
  • 1 minute high cadence (120+) – every action related to an extramarital affair AND every time Gillian talks about pregnancy (season 2 only)
  • 2 minutes 100% effort: Freddy’s BBQ
  • Single leg drills – Every time you’re grossed out by Zoe’s apartment (season 1 only)


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Written by Samantha Strong, a triathlete training and racing for the Indiana University Hoosiers; studies bioethics and healthcare policy on the side. Blog: Twitter: @StrongSam2