Convenience Fees are Cowardly and Parasitic

It’s a slap in the face when we’re all charged a hefty extra fee for the “pleasure” of making an online purchase. Ticketmaster invented the practice of the pricing surprise “lean on consumers” two decades ago, and companies like Active and SignMeUp rolled that heinous tradition over to racing. It’s time for the B.S. fees to stop once and for all. I just want to know how much the race is up front and not be surprised later when it’s 9-15% more.

Technology has forsaken athletes for way too long

For decades people have relied upon group runs, phone calls, text, and email to share race plans. Why hasn’t technology helped us find the best events, and discover the ones our friends are doing? That’s what Athletepath is all about.

Frankly, I delayed starting Athletepath because to me the idea of socially networking athletes around our passions was so obvious I was sure somebody else would do it. Well, they didn’t, so off to the races i went, so to speak.

We got into the online registration service to better connect people before and after races and to provide an awesome experience – not to gouge athletes with fees. Initially the online race registration industry was constructed to improve the lives of event organizers and their data entry burden. Now Athletepath is working to connect athletes and friends, and streamline athletes’ experience while helping people save real money in the process.

Athletes ARE the event!

Racing is completely different from attending a concert or professional sports game. You don’t buy a seat, have a beer and “take in a show”, no, athletes make up the event.

If fans don’t show up to a Cavs game, Lebron will still score 30 and may still throw that chalk in the air. If nobody shows up to race a triathlon, nothing happens, nobody gets a medal, and the volunteers go home. So why is it that every other “event technology” or “event registration” company is setup like they’re selling tickets for Kevin Hart’s next comedy special, where the audience doesn’t matter?!

Endurance events are such a community/social endeavor. Every participant is important in the sense that most people prefer to race with their friends, teammates, training buddies, and they like to line up against their competitors and rivals.


Athletepath is The Social Network for Athletes

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About the Author

Written by David Embree, Founder of Athletepath. David is also known for leading the 2014 Kona Beer Mile for one lap before imploding.