Hear What Happens When Andy Potts Stops Being Polite & Starts Getting Real

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When I think about what this show can accomplish for the sport of triathlon, this episode encapsulates what I have been striving for. First of all, you will absolutely laugh your ass off during the introduction that featured a joke battle between Dark Mark and pro triathlete and pun-master, Tommy Zaferes. This type of comedy simply did not exist before we created this show.

Then, I was able to have an 80+ minute conversation with a person that I’ve known about and followed for years, but actually knew very little about. Sure, he is an athletic specimen who has been an All-American, an Olympian, and a World Champion, but my perception was that he was a boring pitchman without an edge.

Wow, was I wrong. This Andy Potts interview shattered that perception.

Andy Potts is, without question, a guy you’d love to have a beer with. In fact, despite the fact that we taped this in the morning, you will essentially eavesdrop on a conversation that might have happened at a pub after midnight. Andy got very real with me regarding his fun and slightly outrageous college experience, his unique path and struggle to become an Olympian, and the decision to make triathlon his profession after his wife was diagnosed with cancer and he was controversially left off the 2008 USA Olympic squad.

He was even able to laugh at himself and poke fun at the idea that pro triathletes sometimes need to pitch products like a NASCAR driver.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please tell a friend about our program and consider becoming a patron of the show if you’re not already. As I said in the Leanda Cave episode, if we get the Patreon pledges up to $500 per episode, I will add a second program every week that will be dedicated to covering the weekend’s pro races. Imagine ESPN radio for triathlon during your Monday afternoon drive home.

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