Weekly Poll – To Pee Or Not To Pee

I’m a little too excited about this weeks topic.  That’s right!  We are talking about one of the most liberating experiences in all of triathlon.  Getting to piss yourself while riding a bike!  Woo Hoo!  Sure urinating on oneself can occur during any portion of a triathlon.  In fact, I would argue it’s almost a requirement prior to the swim start. (Or during the swim if it’s longer than 500 meters)   A well timed thunderstorm (IMTX) can make it a little less embarrassing during the run.  I don’t know, maybe you even like to piss yourself in T1 or T2.  Now if you like golden showers in T3, you’ve come to the wrong place.  We aren’t that kind of website!  (completely kidding, just email Webstey for your “special” forum password)

Who's gonna pee on themselves today?

Who’s gonna pee on themselves today?

A little background on why this subject is on my mind this week.  This coming weekend, I will be taking part in the Cutting Edge Classic, in Effingham Illinois.  Now, don’t get worked up, I won’t be on the podium, nor will I do anything during the race remotely interesting.  However, two of my best friends are stepping up and competing in their first 70.3 mile race!  We were out on a training ride last week and suddenly out of the blue the big question popped into my mind.  Hey, guys, have either of you ever pissed on the bike during a tri? 

Both answers came back to me instantly! NO!  The laughter and tears were plentiful! (from me) The rest of the ride I fought uncontrollable giggle fits picturing both of them coming to terms with a decision that all long course racers eventually have to make.  To piss or not to piss? 

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are probably plenty of athletes that have completed long course races using nothing but the provided facilities.  There are also probably tons of athletes that have urinated on themselves in sprint races.  But there is something special about half and full distance races when it comes to pissing during the bike portion of the event, whether you are super competitive or not, no one wants to waste precious minutes stopping at a port-a-potty.  So there it is, plain as day, the bladder is full, it’s 6 miles to the next bathroom, and you are presented with an unusual choice.  Hold it for 6 miles and be in agony with every pedal stroke, or let it go and feel the immediate relief you know you want.


Now, this weeks poll is an easy question.  Have you ever pissed yourself during the bike portion of a triathlon?  Hopefully, the forum will be bursting with stories of your first time, or that one time this jerk was sucking your wheel and your revenge was swift, wet, and deserved.  How about tips and tricks for cleaning your bike after the big day or maybe mistakes you have made cleaning your shoes/kit/self.  Don’t hold back!  TRS Triathlon wants to know!!!


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