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Now that USA Triathlon has pulled its head out of its proverbial ass and named Katie Zaferes to the Olympic team we can start talking about other “what ifs” for the Rio games.  So, how about, what will be the big triathlon story of the 2016 Rio Olympics?  Now, since this is a poll question, I will provide a few obvious answers, but i’m going to leave a “something else” option available for you wanna be oracles that want to explain your seer ability on the forum.  The usual suspects:


Zika Virus: A cousin to Dengue Fever, Zika isn’t really dangerous to a healthy adult.  However, it is highly probable that pregnant women, infected with Zika, could give birth to children with microcephaly or other severe brain problems.  Men can spread the virus through sexual intercourse but its main form of transmission is through mosquito bites.  This is already a developing global story and let’s face it, most media outlets love to spread fear.  People gobble that shit up like mandioca frita’s. (Fried yucca sticks, yum!)


Dirty Water:  Mention Copacabana to someone and they likely will picture a sun worshippers paradise.  Unfortunately, the waters off Copacabana beach are also a paradise for bacteria and raw sewage.  So athletes may want to skip the practice swim.  Oh, and brushing up on their Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines may be wise.


Politics:  It’s unlikely that Olympic television producers will focus on much of the bureaucratic and sometimes downright criminal shenanigans that Olympic athletes have to tolerate just for the honor of representing their countries.  The online and printed press will hopefully be more critical and shine some light into the dark corners of this sports national organizations and governing bodies.

Surprise Winner:  Let’s face it, the favorite doesn’t always win these things.  You just have to be the best triathlete on August 18th for men and August 20th for women.  Resumes or reputations don’t matter.  Triathlon is a sport were a million little things can affect a races outcome.  So, don’t be shocked if a favorite suffers a mechanical and some no-name ends up on the podium.

Something else:  Go ahead, get creative.  Call it out now and then you can say, “I told ya so” come September.

So, let’s hear it! What will be the biggest triathlon story of the Olympics?  TRS Triathlon wants to know!!! 


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