Video: Training with Lesley Smith

Coming off a big win at Challenge Americas Knoxville, local Boulder triathlete Lesley Smith shows us a typical weekend of training. Lesley explains how her win at Knoxville was a big validation for her to keep pushing herself to train and compete as a professional. Lesley has had a fantastic start to this season with her new team Maverick Multisport in 2015.

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Andrew Hibbitt is a triathlete and full time student studying exercise science. His sporting background was primarily in soccer, but he has been racing triathlon for the last 3 years. He has been working his way up in the sport and aspires to race at the professional level. He also owns his own triathlon coaching company,

Andrew, a long time fan of TRS Radio, is living and training in Boulder, Colorado where he will have ample opportunity to film some of the best athletes in the world. We are pumped to have him on the team.

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