Top 10 TRS Radio Episodes of All Time

Since the October 2014 launch of TRS Radio, many huge stars of Triathlon have made appearances and mixed it up with Dark Mark and me. With 138,000 downloads since launch, TRS Radio averages over 4,500 downloads per episode. Not surprisingly, the ultra competitive guests and the inquisitive listeners often ask about the ratings.

What does it take to get great ratings? Well, it helps if you’ve won multiple Ironman World Championships as Rinny and Crowie have done. It also helps if you partner up with a blogger like Ray Maker who gets over 2 million pageviews per month. Well played Matt Hanson.

Drama leading up the interview also helps. Sure, people were curious to learn more about Lionel Sanders, but it might have been the Andrew Starykowicz episode in which Starky discussed the wild idea that Lionel “can’t feel pain anymore” that caused additional intrigue.

As of this date, here are the top 10 episodes in terms of total downloads:

downloadZXCvZXC-(4)1. Mirinda Carfrae & Tim O’Donnell, 9,052

2. DC Rainmaker + Matt Hanson, 8,868

3. Craig Alexander , 8,719

4. Challenge CEO, Zibi Szlufcik, 7,549

5. Lionel Sanders & Barrie Shepley, 7,288

6. Andrew Starykowicz, 6,283

7. Bevan Docherty, 5,947

8. Chris “Big Sexy” McDonald, 5,253

9. Conrad Stoltz, 5,064

10. Tim Don, 4,892


Join the discussion below or in our forum. What is most surprising about this list?  Can anyone beat Rinny and TO?

Check back tomorrow for #11-20.


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