Revolution3 Triathlon to Offer Professional Prize Purses in all 2016 Events

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December 15, 2015 -Revolution3 Triathlon (Rev3) will offer prize money to qualifying professional triathletes in all six Rev3 events.

rev3logo-image-123x127Rev3 has supported Professional Triathletes since 2009, investing more than $2 million dollars in cash prize purses.  Starting in 2016, prize money will be offered in Olympic distance Rev3 races (With the exception of Rev3 Cedar Point which will be a double super sprint format).

Prize money amounts will vary from race to race, with age group athlete participation numbers being the driving factor in determining the purse amount. Each race will start with a prize purse of $5,000 with a base of 500 athletes.  For every 250 additional registered athletes, the prize purse will increase by $2500.  Additionally, each Pro race will only offer prize money for one gender, in an attempt to make the money being offered, more meaningful to the top placing athletes.

“There is an enormous lack of prize money offered in the US for Olympic distance racing and based on numerous conversations with the pro community; we feel this is the best opportunity for us to work with Professional athletes.  This is meant to be a two-way partnership with pros in helping build the prize purse together for the benefit of everyone.” said Eric Opdyke, Rev3 President.

The designated races are as follows:

May 22nd:  Rev3 Knoxville, Knoxville, TN – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only

June 4th:  Rev3 Quassy, Middlebury, CT – Olympic distance – Pro Men Only

July 10:  Rev3 Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only

August 7:  Rev3 Pocono Mountains, Shawnee, PA – Olympic distance – Pro Men Only

August 28:  Rev3 Maine, Old Orchard Beach, ME – Olympic distance – Pro Women Only

September 10:  Rev3 Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH – Double Super Sprint – Pro Men Only

* In 2017, the designated races will switch genders.

Pro athletes will be highlighted on the Rev3 website, and will feature athlete bios as well as links back to each Pro’s website and social media sites. The Rev3 website and social media will be used as a vehicle to help Pro athletes build their individual brands and provide each of them an opportunity to reach new audiences that were not available to them in the past. On race weekend, Rev3 will provide real time updates on Pro races via social media, as well as a dedicated “live” website, which will include videos and live race splits.

“Our goal is to create a relationship with the Pro athletes that will help both us and them. This can be a win-win, and we want to do everything in our power to help the Pro triathlete connect with a new fan base. Our races should be a platform for each athlete to build their brands and earn a pay check while doing it. This program will allow us to grow our event participation via the vast networks of Pro triathletes. As our participation grows, the more we can put back into the Pro purses. We are excited to work hand and hand with these athletes and look forward to exploring ways that we can both grow this sport together!” said Charlie Patten, CEO of Revolution3 Triathlon.

In addition, a home stay program is being created, which will allow us to guarantee that accommodation will be available to those Pros who can commit to the races early.

“The PTU applaud the efforts of REV3 to help the professional non-drafting Olympic distance athletes. This is certainly an area of the sport that has fallen by the wayside and need further development. We would like to see a growing relationship between the PTU and REV3 as we both develop.”

Pros interested in learning more should email  

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Revolution3 Triathlon is an independently owned, operated, and American made family business.  We believe that life is about creating experiences, and not about accumulating things.  Our number one goal is to provide an environment that is safe and memorable for not only the athlete, but for their friends and family!  We have put together the best team in the industry that all share in the same passion and values, which allows us to create a truly, one of a kind, authentic experience designed to put our customers first.

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