Island House Triathlon Air Dates

Last November, the Island House Triathlon took the triathlon world by storm with a star-studded field, weird format, and breathtaking venue. While the ITU speedsters stole the show, a great time was had by all and our Twitter feeds truly won the day.

A new year has dawned, and if you’re like me, you’re asking yourself: “when can I watch this incredible event on my television set?” Luckily for you, race director and friend of TRS Triathlon Luke McKenzie has provided your favourite triathlon website with an air schedule. Take a gander, and don’t be left out in the cold like Ben (see below).

Island House Triathlon Air Date Schedule

 City Station   Network Air Date 1  Air Date 2 Air Date 3
SEATTLE KING NBC 01/02 @ 2pm    
MOBILE WPMI NBC 01/02 @ 3pm 01/10 @ 4pm  
CHICO/REDDING KRCR ABC 01/02 @ 4:30pm    
YAKIMA KVEW/KAPP ABC 01/03 @ 11:30am 01/16 @ 11:30am 01/31 @ 3pm
SIOUX CITY KTIV NBC 01/03 @ 12:30pm 01/17 @ 12pm  
MINNEAPOLIS KSTP ABC 01/03 @ 3pm 02/28 @ 12pm  
AMARILLO KFDA CBS 01/09 @ 1pm    
TYLER KLPN MY 01/09 @ 3pm    
RAPID CITY KEVN/KIVV FOX 01/09 @ 5pm 01/31 @ 2pm  
PROVIDENCE WJAR NBC 01/10 @ 12:30pm    
LIMA WTLW IND 01/11 @ 7pm 01/16 @ 9am 02/01 @ 7pm
TOPEKA KTKA ABC 01/16 @ 12pm    
SPOKANE KXLY ABC 01/16 @ 4pm 02/21 @ 3pm  
TOPEKA KTMJ FOX 01/16 @ 4pm    
BUFFALO WIVB CBS 01/16 @ 5pm                          subject to CBS playoff schedule  
DES MOINES KDSM FOX 01/17 @ 11am 01/24 @ 2pm 02/07 @ 12pm
YOUNGSTOWN WFMJ NBC 01/17 @ 12:30p    
TOPEKA KSNT NBC 01/17 @ 1pm    
COLUMBUS WSYX ABC 01/17 @ 2pm    
MADISON WMTV NBC 01/17 @ 2pm    
CHICO/REDDING KCVU FOX 01/17 @ 2pm    
NORFOLK WGNT CW 01/17 @ 3pm    
GRAND RAPIDS WOTV ABC 01/17 @ 4pm    
TYLER KFXK FOX 01/23 @ 1pm    
GREENVILLE, SC WSPA/WTCW CBS/CW 01/23 @ 4am will try to also have a weekend daypart airing  
PALM SPRINGS KESQ ABC 01/24 @ 2pm    
IDAHO FALLS KIDK CBS 01/24 @ 2pm    
HARRISBURG GHP CW 01/30 @ 4pm 03/27 @ 3pm  
FRESNO KFSN ABC 01/31 @ 3pm    
LIMA WTLW IND 02/20 @ 3pm    
LOS ANGELES WABC ABC 03/27 @ 12pm    
ST. LOUIS KDNL ABC 03/27 @ 2pm    
LITTLE ROCK KTHV CBS 12/25 @ 6am 01/16-2:30pm  
ALBUQUERQUE KOAT ABC 12/26 @ 11:30am    
SAN DIEGO KNSD NBC 12/27 @ 10am    
DAVENPORT WQAD ABC 12/27 @ 12pm    
WATERTOWN WWTI ABC 12/27 @ 2pm    
PALM SPRINGS KDFX FOX 12/27 @ 7pm 01/17 @ 2pm  

Ben Petitions the Masses for Island House Triathlon Details

It’s a boring Tuesday between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Ben is thinking about triathlon – as always – and can’t wait to see how the most unique race in years went down. Doesn’t anybody share his passion for the sport?

As a #blowin, Ben must be excused for missing this one NBC air date. His PVR is still full of old XFL games and American Gladiator episodes. A little help?

Hm, is it possible he wasn’t paying close enough attention to Twitter?

We all knew it couldn’t be Ben’s fault! The great unwashed have spoken, and they know not when to watch. Surely the race winner can help?

Crickets. Oh, the humanity.

Finally, a gracious Twitterlandian pointed Ben in the right direction.

At last. Between you and me, it’s a good thing Luke stepped up – I’m not convinced even this tweet would have been direct enough. 

All the best to the Island House Triathlon. Congratulations on pulling off such a high-calibre event, and we all look forward to seeing more in 2016 – if we can figure out how to watch.

photo credit: 20110329-P1000440 via photopin (license)

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