Weekly Poll Question – How High Are You Willing To Go?

Jan Frodeno on the bike at KonaPhoto by Matthew Vandersande

We all have wishes and dreams.  For our friends, we wish joy and good fortune.  For our children, dreams of good health and a fine education.  For ourselves???  Well we just want to go FASTER!  No problem, right?  The lucky majority of people, who live their lives outside the world of triathlon, want simpler things, like winning lotto tickets or promotions at work.  Not us!  We tinker away in our pain caves, trying to find that extra 10 watts.  We swim lap after lap at the local pool, staring desperately at that black line.  We run loop after loop around our subdivision, trying to convince our legs that they are capable of Olympic speed, if only we could find the right pair of shoes.
Ok, so we’ve got some issues (or maybe it’s just me and the rest of you are perfectly normal).
So like all humans, we know there has to be a shortcut to greatness.  That sweet nasty badass speed has to be attainable for us mere mortals.  What’s the answer?  More swim laps?  Maybe it’s the shoes?  VO2Max?  Oh wait, I know the answer.  You know the answer too and every fiber of your corporeal being is screaming to possess this magical Pegasus.  Oh yeah, this week we are talking BIKES!!  Beautiful shiny invincible carbon spaceships, capable of delivering us to T2 in the blink of an eye.  Leg powered fighter jets with names like P5, IA FRD, or E-118.  (I don’t know who comes up with these names but I’m pretty sure the next military stealth bomber will be called the P6.)  However, for most of us the price tags are a barrier to greatness.  Or, are they?  So, what is reasonable?  What is slow?  What is fast?  Where do you draw that line?  Vote in this weeks poll and discuss below.


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Clay Gasway
Clay suffers from Low T and Selachophobia. Proudly serving TRS as the King Of All Polls. Oh, and he enjoys exercising way more than any normal person should. Follow @GasBomb4