Training Plans

Training Plans

If you have extra money, you are committed and you can find someone who isn’t a complete whack job, hiring a triathlon coach can be a wonderful experience. Personally, I really like, have used and would recommend Brandon Marsh in Austin and Jared Berg in Boulder. I would also recommend Paulo Sousa, particularly if you are in the high-performance category.

That said, not everyone can afford to hire a personal coach.

And some might prefer to work alone for whatever reason.

That’s why I’ve decided to partner with an established, trustworthy, no-bullshit, no-gimmick company that offers great training plans at a reasonable price. These specialized training plans are tailored to your level of experience and the race you are aiming for. Each specific program provides detailed training sessions over an optimal period of prep time that will get you to the start line feeling fit, healthy and confident.

These training plans were written by the late Marc Becker who was Brett Sutton’s assistant coach and partner at Team TBB before they parted ways in early 2009. Ironguides Head Coach, Vinnie Santana, said this about Marc and their program:

The Method combines the experience of a working professional triathlete with some of the principles and techniques of best of the top pro’s training. This results is The Method’s core value: It is for those who do not live triathlon 24/7, but who live, eat, sleep, drink, breath and train in “the real world”. 

To hear more about Ironguides, their history, Marc Becker, the split with TBB and whether or not it might be a good fit for you, listen to this interview with Ironguides Head Coach, Vinnie Santana.

DISCLAIMER: When you buy plans using the links below, we get a nice commission. It’s a great way to support the website if you appreciate what we do. 

What comes with it


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Sprint distance

Sprint Distance Beginner
Sprint Distance Intermediate
Sprint Distance Advanced



“I participated in my first short triathlon with great results; I finished fourth. And in my second short triathlon I finished sixth. I had wanted to improve my results but the competition was very strong. I am very grateful for Ironguides to get my objective. I will keep the same guide for the next year to improve my results.”
– Marcio de Almeida, ironguides Athlete, November 2011

Olympic distance

Olympic Distance Beginner
Olympic Distance Intermediate
Olympic Distance Advanced



“The 12-week plan is fantastic. I have made breakthroughs in all three disciplines, especially the swim — and I am not a beginner in the sport! … for so many seasons I was sucked into the Zone-based myth and was always overtrained when I hit the Build phases. Now, even though the program is demanding, I always feel rested. I have not had an injury nor felt weak or sick. My times are always improving and there are actually LESS rest days than the Zone-based training program. It’s amazing really!”
– Thyrio, ironguides Forum

Half Ironman Distance

Half Ironman Beginner
Half Ironman Intermediate
Half Ironman Advanced


“I trained for and completed my first race, the 2011 Steelhead Whirlpool 70.3 Ironman in August 2011. Thank you for your training materials on your website. I am 28 years old and insulin-dependent diabetic. I have never thought about an endurance event, much less an Ironman. I became desperate for advice and everyone else seemed clueless. Without your advice I wouldn’t be an official Ironman finisher. Thank you, ironguides!”
– Matthew Strayer, November 2011

Ironman Distance

Ironman Beginner
Ironman Intermediate
Ironman Advanced



“Twelve months ago I decided to do Ironman China with the aim of maybe qualifying for the World Championships in Kona. I purchased the ironguides 20-week Ironman program, and followed it reasonably closely for the 20 weeks leading up to the Ironman. Well, it worked!! I finished in 9:52 – the 2nd fastest age group time at the race – and I confirmed my spot at the World Championships in Hawaii. Woo hoo!!!”
– David Bentley, ironguides Athlete, March 2010


Xterra Beginner
Xterra Intermediate



Marathon Novice
Marathon Beginner
Marathon Intermediate



“I had two problems when running; I always got injured and I wasn’t quite sure on what to do when training for my run races. The run plan has helped me stay injury free while I have a structure that makes sense and fits well in my routine. I also enjoy the swims and bikes that are optional as cross training, who knows I will do triathlons next!?”
– Jessica Allan

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Half Marathon Beginner
Half Marathon Intermediate


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affiliate programme 10km beginner buy now
affiliate programme 10km intermediate buy now
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