Dimond Response to Jordan Rapp’s Claims

Image Courtesy of Ruster Sports

The quality and integrity of Dimond Bikes has recently been brought into question by a former ambassador facing a lawsuit for breaching a promise in his contract.

I would like everyone to know that Dimond Bikes are safe, have been safe, and continue to be safe. No customer who has purchased a production bicycle has advised Dimond of any failure in a bicycle that has resulted in any safety incident. Each Dimond Bike has a 6 year warranty and continues to have a 6 year warranty.

Dimond Bikes have always been safe for triathlon racing. The current bikes, after 3 years of production, are the best and safest bikes yet and the result of thousands of hours of work to constantly improve the bikes.

Jordan Rapp has now made first-time-ever claims about the safety of the Dimond Bike as a reason why he asked to be released from his contract. I am just now learning of these claims. I had multiple conversations with Jordan through phone and email regarding his desire to be released from his contractual obligations, but never during these conversations did he express any dissatisfaction with the product. Only after facing legal ramifications from a lawsuit claiming Jordan breached his promise did Jordan make these belated claims about safety. He admits that he never mentioned safety problems with the frames to Dimond.

If, before being sued for breach of promise, Jordan had in fact truly believed one of his Dimond bikes was unsafe, but failed to alert the manufacturer of that belief, he would prevent the manufacturer from taking steps to ensure the safety of all other purchasers of Dimond Bikes. I do not believe Jordan would show such disregard for his fellow triathletes. I believe the fact is, he did not alert the manufacturer of any safety problem because there never was such a problem.

The Dimond is a safe triathlon racing bicycle. There are other important facts underlying Jordan’s conduct, but I do not wish to engage in “trial by public forum”. This is a breach of promise dispute I wish to settle privately, or fairly through the court system.


TJ Tollakson, CEO Ruster Sports, LLC

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