Despite Setbacks Darin Armstrong Delivers Valued #FF Support to his Athletes

It’s been a tough week for Darin Armstrong, the self-proclaimed professional marketing and communications supporter for Lance Armstrong, Livestrong and Team Livestrong. First, there was this article published exposing the fact that he is not in any way associated with either Lance Armstrong or Livestrong.

Then, it was noted by some internet sleuths that the man or woman behind the Darin Armstrong account is likely running multiple accounts, namely Gordon’s Reign and David Ryan.  These accounts have similar styles, tactics and they use a version of English that indicates it might not be their native language.

Most notably, all accounts regularly and unnecessarily use single quotation marks. Tragically, they talk to one another through twitter as if they are not the same person.

Despite the negativity from some, Darin was focused on delivering exclusive #FollowFriday #FF support to his athletes and their sponsors.

Then, tragedy struck.

Twitter malfunctioned.

What had gone wrong? Well, apparently Darin’s retweet button was not working. The favorite button worked, but not the RT button. Nevertheless, he would not be deterred.

It must have been very stressful for this to happen on the #SuperbowlSunday of #this #week on twitter, but Darin put on a brave face for those that needed him, tweeting a link to the Don’t Worry, Be Happy music video. His supporters were with him every step of the way.

Luckily, Darin caught a break. Twitter got their heads out of their asses and, suddenly, the technical problen with Twitter was solved.

NOTE: I spoke to several experts who speculate that Darin’s RT button WASN’T actually broken. They believe that when Darin made his account private earlier in the week, this halted others’ ability to share his messages. Doh!!!

It might seem obvious to you that posts from private accounts cannot be shared, but it was obviously news to Darin.

Nonetheless, Darin was setting a furious tweeting pace, sharing scores of #Special #FF recommendations for his athletes and brands every single hour.

In total, he posted over 200 #FF promotional tweets, in addition to dozens of special/exclusive retweets for friends.

But wait, there’s more.

Just when he thought his troubles were over, a Darin Armstrong impersonator showed up and started making trouble.


I respect Darin’s stamina, tenacity and willingness to work long hours for no pay. In another life, he could have been a professional triathlete. However, because he is a delusional and incompetent lunatic, I have no choice but to declare Darin’s Follow Friday the new Wall of Shame.


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Ben Hobbs
Ben Hobbs is Publisher of TRS Triathlon and host of TRS Radio.